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Yasnac J300 2MB Memory Upgrade
Yasnac J300 2MB Memory Upgrade

Yasnac J300 Memory Upgrade Kit (2 Megs) 5120 Meters

Your Price: $3,000.00
Part Number:NEX-2280
This unique Nexas Yasnac J300 memory upgrade kit includes the following:

Memory Board: 5120 meters (2 Meg) for Yasnac J300 (Replaces JANCD-JMM01-2).
Loaned - PCMCIA External USB Reader
Loaned - PCMCIA Under 20 Meg Flash Card for System File Backup & Restore
Instruction Manual

Old JMM01-1 Core and Loaned Items need to be returned to us - shipping instructions included in the kit.

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$2950.00 USD

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