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NEX-6264A Quad Serial Adapter for DIGI TS 4/8/16 Hubs to Standard DB9M Connectors

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Part Number:NEX-6264A
The Nexas NEX-6264A Quad Serial Adapter card is designed to make DNC serial line interfacing to a Digi International TS 4/8/16 Hub easier. With normal RJ-45 8 pin Ethernet Patch cables you can use this magnetic mounted 4 port adapter to create standard DB9M serial connectors for faster installations. It also allows for easier diagnostics with off-the-shelf Serial MiniTesters, as there are no tools for Digi's unique RJ-45 10 pin serial port. Several DNC software vendors use Digi Serial HUbs to connect to machine tools, and so this product will help them install faster and debug quicker down the road. It also means that standard cables can be used to lower cost.

As a bonus feature, the NEX-6264A has 15kV Surge Suppression added to the serial lines. We also include 4 one foot patch cables as shown so you can get up and running quickly.

Note: The NEX-6264B is the DIGI RJ-45 10 pin serial connector version to COMTROL RJ-45 8 pin configuration.

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